Who We Are


MuniTech Academy is a joint venture that supports the educational mission of the Municipal Information Systems Association of California (MISAC). We are grateful to our numerous association partners, who share MuniTech Academy training opportunities with their members. Learn more about our Principals and Manager below.

Brian Lewton


Brian is one of the co-founders of MuniTech Academy and currently serves as the President of MISAC. He is also the Information Technology Manager for the City of Coronado. Brian helps oversee MuniTech Academy programming and outreach.

Ryder Todd Smith


Ryder is one of the co-founders of MuniTech Academy and President of Tripepi Smith & Associates, a communications firm specializing in supporting local governments and municipal-related organizations. He has over 15 years of experience leveraging information technology, marketing and public affairs to serve both the public and private sector. Ryder helps oversee MuniTech Academy programming and service.

Jon Barilone


Jon is the Manager for MuniTech Academy and a Senior Business Analyst with Tripepi Smith. He previously worked for one of the largest postsecondary education providers in North America and loves to help local governments with their technology and communication challenges. Jon oversees the MuniTech Academy website, helps execute classes, and handles communication with all students.