Cybersecurity Webinar Series


Available Only to MISAC Members

Throughout 2019 alone, over 140 local governments, police stations and hospitals had fallen victim to ransomware attacks.  There’s no reason to believe cyber-attacks will diminish anytime soon.

Fortunately, MuniTech Academy is offering MISAC members several opportunities to educate themselves and their organizations on how to prepare for such attacks.  Donald E. Hester (Maze & Associates) will be hosting a series of cybersecurity-themed webinars exclusively for MISAC members.  Registrants will be able to message their urgent questions to Hester towards the end of each presentation.

For those who need to step out at any time, each session will be recorded for later use.  To learn more or to register for any one of these webinars, visit MISAC’s events calendar.


MISAC Ransomware Prevention
Wednesday, February 12, 2020
10 AM – 12 PM PST

MISAC ICS SCADA Cybersecurity
Tuesday, April 21, 2020
10 AM- 12 PM PST

Talking Cybersecurity with Senior Management
Thursday, June 11, 2020
10 AM – 12 PM PST

IT Staffing & Career
Thursday, August 27, 2020
10 AM – 12 PM PST


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