Internal Consulting Skills

RESCHEDULED: July 16, 18, 23 & 25, 2018 – virtual/online training

Four 2.5-hour sessions (9-11:30 am PT)

$995 for MISAC members, partners and non-members

24 students maximum

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Consulting Skills

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In today’s business climate, Shared Services Organizations are expected to take a more active, strategic role in the corporation. What this means is that the organizations you serve and your clients must learn to see you as a problem-solving partner. O&A defines consulting as influencing without direct power.

​In today’s cross-functional, flattened, and reengineered companies, the only power left is the power of influence. Master that and you virtually guarantee success. Help your staff master it, beginning with this workshop, and you’ll soon be coaching a top-flight organization that commands the respect of the company — and that competes successfully with external consultants.

Students will use Adobe Connect to interact with one another and their instructor in realtime. At times, the facilitator will split students into small groups where students will discuss the activity together and collaboratively write answers/ideas on the whiteboard, choose someone as a spokesperson, and debrief with the larger group. This is the same process our training partners uses in its physical workshops.

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Consult according to OCI’s eleven-step Consulting Cycle

  • Build trust and rapport in the initial contact
  • Utilize the “stew pot” to handle difficult clients and situations
  • Position your organization for high payback opportunities
  • Build a listening organization with our H.E.A.R. Model
  • Apply four different consulting roles
  • Manage client resistance and expectations (realistic and not!)
  • Analyze situations more effectively
  • Increase your influence without direct power

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