Soft Skills

MuniTech Academy is partnering with Oullette & Associates (O&A) to provide a series of 'soft skills' training opportunities

Oullette & Associates Maturity Curve

Every organization is on the journey along the "IT Maturity Curve." Click/tap the image to see full size.

O&A develops the human side of technology. What used to be ​considered the soft skills are now considered by high performing Chief Information Officers to be pertinent core competencies. For over 30 years, O&A has transformed over 3,500 IT organizations worldwide in business, education and government. They are the first, and still only, professional development firm that focuses exclusively on the human side of technology.

The O&A philosophy is a powerful and proven way to rapidly develop skills and mindsets that quickly affect positive culture change throughout an organization. With these skills, anyone from a CIO to an entry-level employee can increase their competence and confidence as well as their commitment and consistency in running an effective IT organization.

See below for additional courses and workshops that might interest you.

Other Courses That Might Interest You