MISAC Strategic Partners Case Study


MISAC has invited each of the association’s 2020-2021 Strategic Partners to work with a government agency IT department (MISAC member agencies preferred) in the development and presentation of a case study webinar the association will produce and make available free of charge to all MISAC members and other interested parties.


Case Study Calendar

April 7, 2021

12 PM – 1 PM

Municipality Bolsters Its Disaster Recovery with Rubrik Following Ransomware Attack

Upon facing multiple ransomware attacks resulting in disrupted services, City of Lodi’s Network Administrator, Matthew Casson, and IT Manager, Benjamin Buecher, walk through the transition of cumbersome disaster recovery process to the implementation of stronger security and ransomware remediation with modernized data management solution. The presenters will be joined by Jeffrey Phelan, Rubrik’s Public Sector CTO. To read more about City of Lodi’s disaster recover and ransomware attack story, visit: https://www.rubrik.com/en/customers/city-of-lodi 

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